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Russian Resupply Ship Experiencing Difficulties; International Space Station, Crew are Fine

The six crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) are safe and continuing regular operations with sufficient supplies as Russian flight controllers plan for another attempt to communicate with a cargo resupply spacecraft bound for the station. The next attempt to link with the spacecraft comes at 8:50 p.m. EDT Tuesday.

The ISS Progress 59 cargo spacecraft launched successfully from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 3:09 a.m. (1:09 p.m. in Kazakhstan) Tuesday on a Soyuz rocket bound for the space station. Right after it separated from the Soyuz booster’s third stage, an unspecified problem prevented Russian flight controllers from determining whether navigational antennas had deployed and whether fuel system manifolds had pressurized as planned.

When flight controllers initially could not confirm deployment of the antennas in the minutes following its launch, they selected the backup rendezvous plan of two days and 34 orbits instead of the planned four-orbit, six-hour rendezvous.

During the spacecraft’s first four Earth orbits, the Russian flight control team made several unsuccessful attempts to confirm the status of the spacecraft’s systems but were unable to receive telemetry from some spacecraft systems. As a result, ISS flight controllers informed the crew a docking attempt to the station has been postponed.

The spacecraft was not carrying any supplies critical for the United States Operating Segment (USOS) of the station. Both the Russian and USOS segments of the station continue to operate normally and are adequately supplied well beyond the next planned resupply flight. The next mission scheduled to deliver cargo to the station is the seventh SpaceX commercial resupply services mission targeted for launch no earlier than June 19. It will carry about 5,000 pounds of science investigations and supplies.

The cargo of Progress 59 includes more than three tons of food, fuel, and supplies for the space station crew, including 1,940 pounds of propellant, 110 pounds of oxygen, 926 pounds of water, and 3,128 pounds of spare parts, supplies and scientific experiment hardware. Among the U.S. supplies on board are spare parts for the station’s environmental control and life support system, backup spacewalk hardware, and crew clothing, all of which are replaceable.

As teams continue to monitor the spacecraft, additional updates and more information about the International Space Station will be available online at:


Sunday, April 26, 2015

President of Liberland Vít Jedlička shall visit Croatia Embassy in Prague and start diplomatic mission

Tomorrow, April 27th 2015 in 09:00 AM, President of Liberland Vít Jedlička shall visit Croatia Embassy in Prague (V Průhledu 9, 162 00 Prague 6). He shall present a diplomatic note, officially announcing formation of the new neighbouring state, the Free Republic of Liberland, to the Republic of Croatia. In the note, the President also announces sincere intent of the Free Republic of Liberland to respect the internatonal law and wish to have friendly relations with all members of the international community.

His visit of the Croatian Embassy is a beginning of political and diplomatic mission, during which Vít Jedlička shall visit Vienna, Zagreb and Belgrade. There he shall meet applicants for Liberland citizenship, diplomats and media, and introduces them to Liberland Constitution and basic principles of the republic.

Liberland’s president Vít Jedlička schedule:

Monday, 27th April
09:00 Meeting at Croatia Embassy in Prague - handover of offical diplomatic note
13:00 Lunch with Austrian bussinessmen and with applicants to Liberland citizenship in Vienna
19:00 Free Market Road Show Zagreb 2015

Tuesday, 28th April
12:00 Lunch with applicants to Liberland citizenship in Zagreb

Wednesday, 29th April
13:00 Lunch with Serbian bussinessmen and applicants to Liberland citizenship in Belgrade
14:30 Free Market Road Show 2015 Belgrade - official invitation
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Teen Arrested For Changing Desktop Wallpaper At School

April 25th, 2015 | by FLU5CH

A middle school student from Florida is now facing charges after altering the desktop wallpaper of a school teacher’s computer who he didn’t like.

Domanik Green, a 14 year old 8th grader from Paul R. Smith Middle School was accused of changing the desktop background of a teacher’s computer to two men kissing via an administrator’s password on March 31st, Green also attempted to download some pornographic content onto the desktop but failed due to web filters so he decided to stick with the 2 men kissing.

Green stated that the password was known and remembered between him and his friends so that they could use the computers for video calls, the password was simply the teacher’s last name and has now been changed.

Green is now being charged for “offense against a computer system and unauthorized access.”

Pasco county sheriff, Chris Nocco stated “Even though some might say this is just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done,” Sheriff Nocco also said “If information comes back to us, and we get evidence [that other kids have done it], they’re going to face the same consequences.” Another thing the department has said is that the content of the picture has nothing to do with the charges but rather changing the picture itself is a part of the felony charges.

Green was given a 3-day suspension shortly before for doing similar activities.

This is not the first time that Green has changed the desktop background, however, the first time was not reported to the police and was simply taken into the hands of the school. The second time was different.

Eileen Foster, the mother of the 8th grader said that she knows what her son did was wrong but blamed it partially on the schools poor security system. Neither does she think that Green should have been arrested for this.

Green noted that he did this with the intentions of annoying his teacher – a teenage joke.

On Wednesday 8th of April, Green was released from Land O’Lakes Detention Centre and was given a 10-day suspension from school.

Police state that Green will most likely be given a pre-trial intervention.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Middle School students feel molested by school employee, but admin cals it a pat down.

(San Bernardino, California, USA)

By: Anita Wilson-Pringle

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 something happened to two young girls at a San Bernardino Middle School. They were accused of a crime, which was questionable in itself and is currently under investigation. It is not the crime or infraction that they were accused that is the subject of this article, but what took place in the course of events that day.

Mrs. Shenita Stevenson, Vice-Pricipal

Both students were escorted to the office of Serrano Middle School by the Vice-Principal, Mrs. Shenita Stevenson and the school security guard. Each girl was taken into a room accompanied by Ms. Stevenson and another unknown person (whom the kids assume is another security guard) a tall white male. The girls were then searched. Not just your standard pat-down, which is by all means legal, but they were told to take off clothing.

The first child, Leann, a 13yr old black girl was told to take off her jacket, shirt and t-shirt. Next she was told to pull her bra out and shake her breast, same thing with her pants. Leann refused and was then threatened with arrest if she did not comply. Afraid and under duress she complied. The second child, Vanessa, a 15yr old Hispanic girl, was not only told to unfasten and shake the breasts out, but also to remove her pants. She had leggings on underneath and was told to shake those out as well. I cannot recall in any handbook or school policy where it says it’s ok to strip search a child.

Now granted, both girls were called into the office on suspicion of having marijuana in their bags. Both bags had been left unaccompanied in a classroom with over thirty other students and a teacher. The Vice-Principal, Mrs. Stevenson claims a thorough and complete investigation was performed, She claims incident took place at 10:19am and parents were notified at 10:36am. This brings to question, what sort of thorough investigation was performed in 17 minutes. Two marijuana bottles were taken from Leann’s bag, one was empty and one with a trace amount of weed, approximately 0.285 grams, according to Mrs. Stevenson.

When asked how she came to know the girls were suspected of having weed in their bags, Mrs. Stevenson first said she was notified by a teacher, by phone, from the classroom where the bags were left unattended, then she said she was notified by the teacher via email. Again, Mrs. Stevenson changes her story and now says another student told the teacher. Asked if she spoke with this other child that reported it, she declined to answer but insisted the case was closed…in 17 minutes.

Leann’s parents arrived at the school to pick her up after SHE called them (not the school). Leann’s parents raised the same questions about the thoroughness of said investigation by Mrs. Stevenson and also of the San Bernardino School District Police Officer on the scene, Officer A. Hazen.
Leann’s father asked Officer A. Hazen what they were doing searching 13yr old girls in such a manner and he was met with a very aggressive and disrespectful attitude from the officer, whom stated, “I’m a Police Office and I can search any damn body I please”. To say he, (Leann’s father), was taken aback by this answer, would be an understatement.

After a very terse and unprofessional conversation with the Vice Principal, Mrs. Stevenson, the officer, A.Hazen made multiple attempts to get Leann (a 13yr old minor) to sign documents, such as a Possession form, which stated that she owned the two bottles that were found in her bag, a Statement form, which he wanted her to write out and confess to something she had already told them she didn’t do and had no knowledge of. Officer A. Hazen was advised by both parents that Leann would not be signing anything, as she was a minor, and that they would not be signing as well. Leann was read her rights and arrested. She was ticketed and given a court date.

Upon arriving home, Leann succumbed to the horrific incident that had just taken place at school, a place she once considered a safe refuge. She broke down and cried tears that had never come from her eyes before. Tears of pain, degradation, humiliation and tears of fear. This 13yr old girl felt like the people that were there at the school to protect her, had just violated her. Not with the drug incident but with the violation of the body search. She cried at having had to take her clothing off in front of Mrs. Stevenson and this unknown security guard. She cried because she felt like she had been stripped of her pride and falsely accused. She cried because Mrs. Stevenson did everything in her power to put fear in this child. An utter disrespect by a school Administrator to a child. To put it plainly, Leann said she felt molested and dirty. Why should any child have to be subjected to actions such as the ones taken by Mrs. Stevenson and this unknown security guard? How would they like it if someone stripped and body searched THEIR child?

Leann’s parents refused to accept the story given to them by Vice Principal Stevenson. They proceeded to the San Bernardino School Board for two consecutive days. Upon arrival her mother spoke with several people. Dr. Weisner, in the HR Department, Sandra Rodriguez also in the HR Department, Robin Albriton, Assistant to Dr. Weisner, and San Bernardino School District, Police Chief Joseph Paulino. All of them promised a thorough investigation into why these young girls were searched in such a manner, why there was no real investigation performed at Serrano Middle School by VP Stevenson, and why Officer A. Hazen felt like he could, as he said, :"…search any damn body I want".

The parents also met with Ray Culberson, Director of Youth Services for San Bernardino School District. While sitting in this meeting with Mr. Culberson, who looked like he really did not believe the parents about the extent of the search, picked up the phone and called Serrano Middle School and asked VP Stevenson if it was in fact true that the girls had been told to remove their shirts and pants and shake their breast out. Without hesitation, VP Stevenson confirmed the parent’s complaint, and said it in such a way as to be boastful. At that point, Mr. Culberson informed the parents that there was nothing he could do to assist. He seemed awe struck that VP Stevenson openly admitted to what one can only call, molestation of a minor, by having them remove clothing in such a manner, under the threat of arrest. This was a complete violation.

After having a meeting the next morning at 8am with Serrano Middle School Principal, Mr. Wild, the parents were even more confused about this situation than before, as he claimed to have no knowledge of anything, but promised yet another investigation. The parents arrived back at the San Bernardino School Board and requested to see Superintendent Dale Marsden. Another meeting was scheduled with Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Volkermer, as Marsden was not available…and ANOTHER investigation was promised. Dr. Volkermer proceeded to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and talk about how they had the right to search the kids with a pat down and how they were well within their rights on school premises to do so, with “reasonable doubt” being their holding card. The parents understood and agreed with this policy as well but what took place with their daughter, Leann and the other young girl, Vanessa was NOT within policy guidelines, or any school district manual, it was a violation of those children’s person, it was molestation. Molestation that was admitted to and confirmed by VP Stevenson of Serrano Middle School. Both girls claimed that this type of strip search had taken place with them several times before, but they were afraid to tell their parents. What exactly has been going on at Seranno, because surely these two kids are not the first?

STRIP SEARCHING kids in school? Is that where the San Bernardino School System has gone? Or rather where they have failed our kids. How many other kids have been searched like this? How many were given the same threat of arrest for non-compliance? How many told their parents, but the parents were afraid to do anything because of their immigration status? According to the two girls, this goes on quite often at Serrano Middle School, and VP Stevenson is almost always present. The funny thing is, it never happens to the white students. It is as if these kinds of searches only take place with the black kids (mostly girls) and hispanics (mostly girls). This is kind of ironic, because when you look at this you will take note that Mrs. Stevenson, the Vice Principal of Serrano Middle school is a black woman. So why does it seem as if only the blacks and hispanics are being targeted? To be sure, some of the readers of this article will say that the race card is being played once again. It seems that way because that is that way. When talking with various other students, it was noted they had all been searched in this manner and all were black and hispanic.

Leann has now been taken out of Serrano Middle School and placed on Independent Study by her parents. They refused to send her back to a school where she is a target of racial profiling and strip search (molestation) by the very same people that were supposed to be there to protect them. According to her parents, she has been doing nothing but crying, she cannot sleep, she has anchored on to her parents like they are a life preserver. She says she is afraid to go back to school for fear of retaliation by Vice Principal Stevenson and others because this strip search issue was not dropped. The mental stress this has caused this 13yr old child and the emotional stress has driven her into a state of severe depression. To the point that the parents will be taking her to counseling over this.

As an adult, if someone made you take your clothes off like that, in front of people you do not even know, under duress, would you too not be outraged, disgusted, shamed and perhaps a lot more. Would you not fight for your rights if you KNEW yours had been trampled on and disregarded? Leann’s parents feel that same way and they refuse to let this continue. There are specific demographic groups of children being targeted by these school employees. Blacks and hispanics, the two obvious choices. They are being labeled gang bangers, drug dealers, pill pushers… not by the police but by their teachers, principals, and school administrators. These accusations will remain on their records for life. They will remain there because no one stood up for them, no one fought for them and no one cared.

Well this writer cares, this writer will stand up for them, and this writer will fight for them – because this writer is Leann’s mother.
Re-published with written permission of the author.


** This is the first in a series of articles, delving into the San Bernardino schools in search of more of the same. Just because they tell you then can, does not mean its legal.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Joint Statement on Mediterranean Crossings

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for International Migration and Development Peter Sutherland, and Director-General of the International Organization for Migration William Lacy Swing
A tragedy of epic proportions is unfolding in the Mediterranean. We, the undersigned*, strongly urge European leaders to put human life, rights, and dignity first today when agreeing upon a common response to the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean.

The European Union is founded on the fundamental principles of humanity, solidarity and respect for human rights. We urge EU Member States to demonstrate moral and political leadership in adopting a holistic and forward-looking action plan centred upon these values.

The European Union response needs to go beyond the present minimalist approach in the 10 Point Plan on Migration, announced by the EU on Monday, which focuses primarily on stemming the arrival of migrants and refugees on its shores. As a paramount principle, the safety, protection needs, and human rights of all migrants and refugees should be at the forefront of the EU response. EU leaders must look beyond the present situation and work closely with transit and origin countries both to alleviate the immediate plight of migrants and refugees and address in a more comprehensive way the many factors that drive them to resort to such desperate journeys by sea. Enforcement alone will not solve the issue of irregular migration, but could increase the risks and abuse faced by migrants and refugees.

We would therefore encourage bold, collective action to expand the range of measures under consideration to include:

Setting in place a State-led, robust, proactive, and well-resourced search-and-rescue operation, urgently and without delay, with a capacity similar to Mare Nostrum and a clear mission to save lives.
Creating sufficient channels for safe and regular migration, including for low-skilled migrant workers and individuals in need of family reunification, and access to protection where needed, as safe alternatives to resorting to smugglers.
Making a firm commitment to receive significantly higher numbers of refugees through EU-wide resettlement, in addition to current quotas, and on a scale which will make a real impact, combined with other legal means for refugees to reach safety.
Bolstering arrangements to support those countries receiving the most arrivals (Italy, Malta, and Greece) and to distribute responsibility more equitably across the European Union for saving lives and protecting all those in need.
Combatting racist and xenophobic rhetoric vilifying migrants and refugees.
António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Peter Sutherland, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for International Migration and Development
William L. Swing, Director-General of the International Organization for Migration

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Andrej Mahecic, UNHCR UK Spokesperson, Mahecic@unhcr.org +44 78 802 30 985

Brian Hansford, UNHCR US Spokesperson, Hansford@unhcr.org +1 202 999 8253

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Joel Millman jmillman@iom.int, +41 79 103 8720

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Senior Advisor to SRSG Sutherland
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Press Release: A New State Has Been Declared - Liberland

Press Release: A New State Has Been Declared - Liberland

In accordance with international law, a group of Czech citizens, gathered in a Preparatory Committee, decided to declare a new state, Free Republic of Liberland, in the territory defined by the coordinates below.

Its total area of about 7 square kilometres makes Liberland the third smallest sovereign state, after the Vatican and Monaco. Liberland is located along the Danube River between Croatia and the Republic of Serbia. The territory is not claimed by either of these two states. It was a no man's land - terra nullius – as defined by international conventions.

On 13 April 2015 the Preparatory Committee declared the new state on the spot and raised a flag to claim the land. The Committee also elected the President of the Republic, who was also commissioned to send diplomatic notes not only to the two neighbouring states, but also to the United Nations and later to other countries, in order to inform them about the establishment of the new state of Liberland.

The objective of the founders of the new state is to build a country where honest people can prosper without being oppressed by governments making their lives unpleasant through the burden of unnecessary restrictions and taxes. One of the reasons for founding Liberland is the ever expanding influence of interest groups on the functioning of existing states and the consequent worsening of living conditions of people. The founders are inspired by countries such as Monaco, Liechtenstein or Hong Kong.

Liberland is led by its President Vit Jedlicka, who was elected by the Preparatory Committee. Free Republic of Liberland intends to accept applications for citizenship. Further details are available on the official website of the state www.liberland.org .

State Location: 45°46'N 18°52'E

Contact Information:
Vit Jedlicka - President of Free Republic of Liberland
Phone: +420 608 131 130
E-mail: prezident@liberland.org

Monday, April 13, 2015

Duitse schrijver Günter Grass (87) overleden

De Duitse schrijver Günter Grass is vandaag overleden. Dat heeft zijn uitgever bekendgemaakt. In 1999 ontving hij de Nobelprijs voor de Literatuur. Grass is 87 jaar oud geworden.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Slavery at sea.

The 100 day chase of an illegal fishing ship and the circumstances of those on board

Imagine this... working long hours on a vessel, being forced to perform illegal activities, hardly having your own personal space, bad food, being in debt and no end in sight.
And still one well known captain has accused another captain of holding his crew as slaves. Allegedly he is forcing the crew of his flagless vessel to fish in forbidden waters on fish they are not allowed to catch. He is also forcing his crew to work impossible hours, and, again allegedly, his crew members are mostly slaves, forced to work for no pay by dept traps.
But in this modern day and age slavery and piracy do not exist anymore. Surely the law has taken control of the far reaches of seas and oceans and has regulated even the fishing industry.
Well, not according to a report the International Labour Office issued in 2013, under the name; Caught at sea: forced labour and trafficking in fisheries, - Geneva: ILO, 2013.

Two centuries after the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, at least 20.9 million people continue to work under coercion, largely in the informal and illegal economy (ILO global estimates 2012). About 90 percent of today’s forced labour is extracted by private agents, primarily in labour intensive industries such as fishing, manufacturing, agriculture and food processing, domestic work and construction.

But the ILO not only writes reports. Two very important legal directives have been issued, so-called conventions. Two are interesting in the context of this article; the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29) and the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188). Sadly the two directives have not been adopted, not by countries with a fishing industry and, in fact, not by any country.

Also according to the ILO, the fishing industry knows severe cases of forced labour and human trafficking. But what makes people agree to work under such terrible circumstances, you will ask.

Mostly unemployed migrant workers are targeted by special “employment agents” and “agencies”; the workers are told they have to pay a fee for the agent to find work for them. When they do not have the money to pay the fee, the trap slams shut! A second offer is made; the agent agrees to look for a job, but they will have to pay a percentage of their future income in stead of the fee. The agent then goes on to ask for an address.

OK, very smart; ask an address of a migrant worker, most likely illegal in Indonesia, some African country or a country in South or Central America. You can almost see the falling gate of the trap can’t you?
When the worker says he does not have an address, the agent will ask him if he needs a place to stay, some money to send to his family, some new clothes.

In most of the countries I mentioned before, members of the illegal community live together. Huddled up in rooms too small for one person with five or six men is no fun at all. Living with two families in a small 4x4 cabin made of corrugated iron sheeting, with a leaking roof and only about 7 hours of light per day, if at all is not much fun either. But that is how migrant workers live, in 2015!

Besides there is the pressure of all migrant workers who lose their job, or who did not have a job to begin with; how to provide for the family who stayed in the home country expecting some money from the brother or sister, husband, father or mother who is supposed to be working in the ‘rich’ country across the border or at the other end of the world?

It is not so difficult to entrap a desperate man that way. He will do anything for his family, so paying rent for a room with a kitchen and a bath all by himself, while he is waiting for “his” agent to find him a job does not seem a bad deal at all. The agent may borrow him some more money to buy food and clothes and to spend in the weekend.

But after a few weeks, a month or longer the agent comes back and lets the victim know that he has a job. It is a good job, with good wages and free board. There is only one problem; it is on a fishing vessel, out at sea.
The fact that the migrant worker is not a sailor (or a tractor operator in agriculture, a tailor in the clothing industry, you name it) does not seem to be a problem; he will learn the trade on the job.

All the little bits of “service” have to be paid for of course. The now newly employed migrant worker has to pay for housing, the borrowed money and the interest, the on the job training etcetera and so on. And there is the slave, working long hours for little or no pay, working to pay off his dept! A dept he will never be able to pay off, not if he sends money to his family at home. On board of a ship there really is no escape, the only way off is to jump overboard, and that does happen!

This kind of slavery can be found in many places and many workers, male and female, are caught in the financial trap of artificial depts. To their employer or to the employment agency, it does not matter how or by whom the trick is played, he is earning a lot of money over the back of some ill informed individual.

We do not have to look too far, with at least 20.9 million people worldwide continue to work under coercion, largely in the informal and illegal economy. Look around you, in the workshops of factories, in the kitchens of families, in bedrooms and, yes also on board of fishing vessels and freighters worldwide.

If needs be, a famous captain, like Paul Watson, can make waves. Hisorganisation Sea Shepherd and her ships the BOB BARKER and the SAM SIMON have been following an illegal fishing boat for more than 100 days now. The BOB BARKER and the SAM SIMON are both on the tail of the world's most notorious tooth fish poacher to prevent them from changing the name and flag of the THUNDER in port.
A pursuit that has covered over 10,000 nautical miles, across three oceans, the Southern, the Indian and now the South Atlantic, from Antarctica to the Equator. It is the longest pursuit of a poaching vessel in maritime history.
One week ago, Nigeria officially struck the flag of the THUNDER. The ship is now unregistered and without a flag. That means the THUNDER is officially a pirate vessel!

Sea Shepherd has called on the Navies of the world to intervene and board this un-flagged poaching vessel to investigate allegations of human trafficking. Sea Shepherd has reason to believe that many members of the THUNDER's Indonesian crew are not onboard under their own free will and that they are prisoners, slaves under the control of the Captain and officers.

And of course there is the illegal cargo. If fish is found on board of the ship by any authorities, it will be confiscated and investigated. Illegal catches may be well paid when they reach a port and can be sold, but not if the vessel is stopped like the KUNLUN.
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society applauds the Royal Thailand Customs Investigation and Suppression Bureau for taking action against the poaching vessel KUNLUN. Thailand has acted and the captain of the KUNLUN has been arrested and the ship is detained.

Captain Jose Alberto Zavaleta Salas, a citizen of Peru reported the cargo as 182 ton of grouper, valued at about 15 million baht. (462 226.22 US$) However, experts have confirmed that the ship had in fact offloaded 182 ton of Antarctic tooth fish, valued at about 179mn baht (5 485 089.91 US$)

Mr. Salas has been charged for falsely reporting goods to customs. This has been confirmed by Royal Thai Customs Investigation and Suppression Bureau (ISB) team leader Charoen Chamniklang.
Mr. Salas also faces charges for falsely reporting the ship’s flag and registration by switching from the name KUNLUN under the flag of Equatorial Guinea to the name TASHAN under the flag of Indonesia.
The handler that received the fish, South Services Co Ltd, has also been charged for its role in illegally importing the fish into Thailand.

Will the poachers avoid prosecution? The possibility is that they will, considering that the money behind these illegal fishing operations rivals that of illegal drugs and guns.
But as the drama in Phuket plays out, the high-seas chase continues in the South Atlantic some 1,000 miles south of the Equator as both the Thunder and the Bob Barker continue to head north.
Yes, piracy does exist and can be as profitable as famous movies make believe the original piracy was. And yes, slavery does exist in this world. Not only on board of fishing boats like the THUNDER and the KUNLUN, but in factories, sweatshops, workshops, kitchens, bedrooms and other places, worldwide.
Slavery must also be fought and stopped on a worldwide scale, not only official organizations like the ILO, or by NGO’s like Sea Shepherd, but by you and me. Freedom includes the freedom to supply labor to whom I want, to whom you want, without force or coercion.

Today, 06th of April 2015, at approximately 1539 AEDT, at location 0˚ 20’ North 05˚ 24' East inside the Exclusive Economic Zone of Sao Tome, the poaching vessel, Thunder, issued a distress signal. The Captain of the Thunder radio the Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, reporting that the vessel was sinking.
The Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, immediately answered the distress call.
35 crewmembers from the Thunder have abandoned the ship and are in life rafts.
Sea Shepherd confirms that the Thunder appears to be taking on water.
The Bob Barker is currently coordinating a search and rescue operation.
Captain Peter Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker said, “We have received a distress call from the Thunder. It appears as though the ship and crew are in a serious situation. The Captain of the Thunder has radioed us and said their ship is sinking. We have launched our small boat and are doing everything we can to assist."
Captain Peter Hammaerstedt has reported that the unflagged toothfish poaching vessel THUNDER has sunk.
The ship went down in 4000 metres of water in the position of 00 Degrees 19'North & 005 Degrees 25' East. This is 19 nautical miles North of the Equator and 115 miles from Sao Tome.

Sources: Caught at sea: forced labour and trafficking in fisheries, - Geneva: ILO, 2013.
Captain Paul Watson; https://www.facebook.com/captpaulwatson
Photograph: "Neptune Navy - MY Sam Simon-Hobart 2012" by Dexcel at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Neptune_Navy_-_MY_Sam_Simon-Hobart_2012.jpg#/media/File:Neptune_Navy_-_MY_Sam_Simon-Hobart_2012.jpg

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Het Christendom heeft de historische strijd schijnbaar gewonnen.

Copperplate image depicting "Othin, Thor and Frigge" taken from Arnkiel's Cimbrische Heyden-Religion (1702 edition)

Toen het Christendom de noordelijk Europese landen overrompelde en de bewoners duidelijk maakte dat Jesus, een Joodse heilige, de enige oplossing was voor alle problemen bestond er daar al een religieuze kracht. De Germanen, Vikingen, Ghoten en andere volkeren hadden hun wereld al verklaard door middel van goden.

De monotheïstische religies deden dat door een oppergod aan te nemen, die de hele wereld geschapen had. De Joodse tradities waren daarin niet de eerste, ook de Egyptenaren hadden een god Ra, de zonnegod, die de oppergod en schepper was. Maar hier was ook nog sprake van andere goden. Ook in de landen aan de Eufraat en de Tigris bestonden monotheistische religies.
De natuur als godheid zien, zoals veel Afrikaanse volkeren dat ook nog doen, wordt door het christendom afgewezen. Toch is het waarderen, naar waarde eren, van een boom die je het hout geeft om je huis te bouwen op zich niet een slechte gedachte. De Inuit bieden hun excuses aan, aan een dier dat ze voor voedsel willen gaan doden. Ook dat kan als religie opgevat worden.

Het waarderen en respecteren van een kracht zoals de Donder, het weer, wordt binnen Ásatrú tot uitdrukking gebracht door er een God aan te verbinden, Thor. Ook om zich de scheppende kracht van de natuur voor te stellen is het beeld van een God gebruikt, Odin, de oppergod en schepper. Een natuurkracht waar we ook allemaal mee te maken hebben, de vruchtbaarheid, daar steekt Frey achter, samen met zijn zus Freya, die de menselijke liefde en de menselijke vruchtbaarheid uitdrukt.

Dit artikel gaat te lang worden wanneer ik een volledig beeld zou willen neerzetten van het Noordse Pantheon. Laat het duidelijk zijn, er is een verbinding tussen de godheden en het leven, de natuur en de mensheid.

De mensen stammen direct af van de Goden. De drie broers, Odin, Villi en Ve hebben samen mensen geschapen uit twee bomen, en hen de namen Ask en Embla gegeven. Een andere Godheid, Rig heeft de Aarde bezocht en sociale klassen gecreëerd.

Na de dood: In tegenstelling tot veel andere religies die een hemel of de hel hebben als eindbestemming na de dood, geven Noordse mythen aan dat er vele mogelijke locaties zijn. De helft van de heldhaftige, in de strijd gesneuvelde krijgers gaan naar Freya's veld, Folkvangr. Er wordt gezegd dat zij de eerste keuze heeft! Helheim is het neutrale gebied waar de meeste mensen na hun dood heengaan. Helheim wordt geregeerd door de godin, Hel (of Hela). Eedbrekers en andere oneervol mensen worden gegeten door Niddhog, een draak. Van degenen die sterven op zee wordt gezegd dat ze naar een andere hal gaan.
De meeste Ásatrúar geloven niet letterlijk in de mythen. Sommigen geloven in reïncarnatie langs familie lijnen. Weer anderen geloven dat de doden hun graven bewonen.

De krijgers van Odin gaan natuurlijk naar het ValHal, of Walhalla om daar tot in alle eeuwigheid te strijden zonder ooit weer dood te gaan. Sommige Ásatrúar geloven dat dit ook geldt voor moderne krijgers, zoals soldaten en strijders voor een goede zaak.

Er heeft zich een strijd over het gelijk afgespeeld, ook in de noordelijke landen van Europa. Ook die strijd is bloedig geweest en de verdeling van de macht werd niet altijd bereikt op een eerlijke manier. Politiek en invloed zijn soms belangrijker geweest dan afkomst of religie. De katholieke priesters uit Ierland konden rekenen op de steun van koningen die de stammen als oncontroleerbaar zagen. Via een verdeel en heers strategie konden ze de kerk gebruiken om de Noordse stammen op te splitsen in Christenen en niet-christenen, of heidenen.

De mensen die niet geloven dat er maar een god bestaat hebben het pleit verloren. Maar niet in een intellectuele discussie tussen theologen. Er werd eenvoudig gehandeld zoals nu nog organisaties zoals het IS handelen, wil je niet converteren dan gaat je kop er af. Ook het Ásatrú geloof kent martelaren en helden.

Doordat de Katholieke kerk zo snel aan invloed won zijn de oudere religies in de noordelijk Europese landen onderdrukt, maar er wordt ons nu nog steeds verteld dat de heidense religies geen waarden kenden.

En toch heeft ook het Ásatrú geloof haar heilige standpunten en regels, die goed te vergelijken zijn met de tien geboden uit de Hebreeuwse tradities.
Astuars in Noord Amerika hebben deze waarden samengevat als de negen nobele waarden : Moed, Waarheid,Eer, Trouw, Discipline, Gastvrijheid, IJver, Zelfredzaamheid en Volharding.

Er wordt een grote nadruk gelegd op familie waarden en de familie wordt altijd geëerbiedigd. Iedere vorm van discriminatie, zei het op basis van afkomst, gender, taal, nationaliteit, ras en sexuele oriëntatie of op basis van welke andere beslissende criteria dan ook wordt ten sterkste afgewezen.

Dit zijn waarden die nog steeds zouden kunnen gelden als het christendom Europa niet voor zich had willen veroveren. De Noordse volkeren hadden hun normen en waarden, net als de oorspronkelijke bewoners van Afrika, de Amerika’s en Australië. Deze Noordse normen en waarden zijn weer in betekenis aan het toenemen. Steeds meer mensen zien in dat de christelijke normen alleen maar gelden voor het volk, maar niet voor de ‘gekozen’ leiders.

Een Joodse man is aan een kruis genageld, gestorven en weer opgestaan. Zijn ideaal was het de hele mensheid tot eenheid te brengen, en dat is hem duidelijk en helaas, niet gelukt. De wereld is nog nooit zo verdeeld geweest en de diverse geloven werden nog nooit zo direct tegen elkaar uitgespeeld. Ook het geloof van de volgelingen van Jesus wordt misbruikt.

Het is echter niet de bedoeling van dit artikel om de lezer er van te overtuigen zijn of haar religie te verlaten, dat zou tegen mijn persoonlijke principes, en tegen het Noordse geloof indruisen. Maar misschien is dit wel een moment om eens stil te staan bij een stukje geschiedenis van de mensheid.

Sta eens stil bij je eigen leven en kijk eens naar die Noordse mythen en sagen. Kijk ook eens naar die Negen Waarden, Moed, Waarheid,Eer, Trouw, Discipline, Gastvrijheid, IJver, Zelfredzaamheid en Volharding. Kun je daar iets mee in je leven? Mocht dat zo zijn, gebruik deze informatie dan, en leer meer over de Noordse religies, of Ásatrú.

Bron, en voor informatie: http://www.irminsul.org/as/asrwhat.html